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Sharla Brook is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist and shamanic healer. She is an intuitive empath who combines years of extensive neuromuscular massage with sacred soul nurturing. She carries you through a channeled journey of transformation, releasing and healing in a safe and serene setting.


Are you ready to experience a totally relaxing and nurturing massage that allows you to restore yourself in body, mind, and spirit?


Sharla offers energetic sacred massage through the styles of shamanic journeying, energetic soul retrieval and cord removal, chakra clearing, womb healing, fertility, prenatal, postpartum, neuromuscular, deep tissue, healing hands relaxation, full body stretching, trauma release therapy, Chinese cupping, and Tua Na Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Sharla has found wonderful success incorporating ancient womb healing into her bodywork. Womb healing first began in Mayan culture with the belief that when trauma or stress enters our body, our soul escapes to protect it’s divinity. Through compassionate touch and careful intention, the body's womb chakra is cleared, restored, and the soul is back in balance within the body. Womb healing not only effectively helps in the release of stored trauma, but places the body in a healthy state to encourage fertility, healthy cycles, libido, feminine reconnection, and a more balanced hormone-body through all stages of life.


In addition to her women's wellness work, she has a strong reputation for her prenatal massage. She is certified from the Claire Marie Miller “Nurturing the Mother” curriculum. Working with mothers from the first trimester up until her reputable “induction massage” and then through postpartum. Her prenatal massages allow women comfort and support throughout their pregnancies and thereafter.


Her clients suggest that she has a very soulful, earth-mother touch. Sharla takes the time to intuitively listen to the needs of your body. She manages to effectively release your aches and tension of both the emotional and physical body, while you simply allow yourself to be nurtured.


Sharla graduated from the NC Massage School in Cornelius and has been working in the Lake Norman area for several years. She also studies under Shamanic Earth Arts teacher, Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Standing. Sharla has a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from Appalachian State University. She continues to paint out of her studio space where she also sells her original artwork. She worked in the art industry in Charleston , SC for many years before growing her family. Sharla is a mother of active twin boys and a vibrant young daughter. It was during her pregnancies that she began to understand just how amazing the human body is and how massage can help to promote wellness and healing during all stages of life.


Sharla enjoys staying active through functional fitness and many outdoor activities with her family. Her love for health encouraged her to specialize in sports therapy, active release techniques and stretching, muscle grooming, cupping, and fascia scraping. She has been able to help many athletes and clients with physical lifestyles maintain flexibility, repair from competitions, and treat specific neuromuscular injuries.


Of course, she also uses her servant’s heart to help others simply enjoy relaxation and mindfulness. Taking time to remove stress from your life is critical to self care and wellness.


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Sharla's touch was just what I needed! I feel like a new person; physically, mentally, energy has been restored!
- Kay H
Sharla has an amazing touch! I absolutely love getting a massage from her! Her prenatal massages are truly the best! I definitely recommend seeing her for an induction massage as well. I saw her at the end of both of my pregnancies and went into labor the same night, both times! Sharla has a gift of making you feel comfortable and relaxed. You just can't go wrong with seeing her for a massage!
-Erin V
Sharla's massages are incredible. She is so in tune with what the body needs. Her massages are the type where you discover muscles that need help that you didn't even know you had!
Regular sessions with her could truly change your health and the way you feel.
- Kendall
Another amazing session with Sharla today! We added in some womb work...Y'ALL....I cant even express how much this woman has helped my physical and mental health!
- Meg 

Amazing! Sharla creates sacred space in a very safe environment, for a magnificent experience of healing touch. I'm so grateful to have found her!


Sharla is simply the best massage therapist I’ve ever visited. Cannot recommend highly enough.
- John L
Sharla is truly exceptional. She is professional, intuitive with the body’s needs, and incredibly skilled with her craft. I highly recommend her services for relaxation, body healing, energy work, and everything in between!
- Megan H

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